Italy: Commission pursues legal action over continuing violations of environmental laws

The fascist Altero Matteoli ex Italian Environment minister, has gone but the product of his work is still damaging Italian people.

The European Commission has decided to pursue legal action against Italy over four breaches of EU laws to protect human health and the environment. Three of the cases concern inadequate management of the risks posed by waste. In the fourth case, Italian authorities have failed to consider whether environmental impact assessments are needed for two new sections of road in Milan. In two of the cases the Commission is taking Italy to the European Court of Justice while in the other two it is sending final written warnings that Court action will be taken unless the infringements are rectified in the near future.

Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for Environment, said: “Waste can pose a real threat to people and the environment if not managed safely. I hope Italy will accelerate action to address the shortcomings we have identified. It is also important that proper evaluation of infrastructure projects is carried out so that negative effects on the environment can be prevented or minimised.”

For more details: Europe


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