14th ETRA Conference on Tyre recycling: Conference Programme

The fourteenth annual tyre recycling conference
Working together towards a recycling society

Thursday through Saturday, 21-23 March 2007

The Crowne Plaza Europa Hotel, Brussels, Belgium


The Programme


17.00 Registration

  • Exhibition Set-up
  • Poster Show set-up
  • Meeting with Panel Chair

19.00 Welcome reception to open the Exhibition
20.00 Gala Dinner in honour of Speakers and Guests


8.00 Registration and Welcome coffee
Welcome and Opening Comments
The Commission, Parliament, Council, and Committee of Regions revised the Directive on Waste within the context of a recycling society. The process brought together all of the stakeholders – placing a major focus on input from the recycling industries

9.15 Towards a recycling society
The revised Directive and commitment to a recycling society have refocused EU goals for the long-term.
: What changes are imminent – how will they cascade to industry?

10.30 The European Recycling Coalition: Today and the Future
ERC represents recycling industries in EU discussions on waste policy, stressing the need for an appropriate recycling legislative framework. Subsequent to the Waste Directive revisions, new issues are emerging – including the potential for legislation on tyres.
Discussion : How can industry strengthen its presence ?

11.30 Coffee break
12.00 Material standards : their role in a recycling society

Industry standards are increasingly important for materials derived from waste. The EU is preparing criteria for ‘end of waste’ materials and products, which could rely upon existing standards. Discussion : The role of SMEs in developing standards for their industry.

13.00 Lunch
14.15 Artificial Turf : A definitive study of environmental capacity

Presentations on the results of the ETRA study on environmental capacity of tyre granulate used for indoor and outdoor sport surfaces.
Discussion :
Closing the loop – the importance of this study within the context of other research – setting the parameters.

15.30 Working Group Break-out Meetings: Determining the next steps

1. Environmental Capacity of granulate
2. Recycling Standards for materials and end-of waste
3. Civil engineering materials and application
4. Research and development

17.00 Technology Forum
18.00 Close of Day 1
18.30 Reception in the Exhibition Area


9.00 Welcome and Opening Comments9.15 Implications of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive : The Challenges AheadThe ELV Directive will be among the first, involving tyre recyclers, to be implemented within the ‘recycling society’ context. The EU management plan will be presented, stressing potential roles for tyre recyclers.
Discussion :
New sources and opportunities for tyres

10.15 New product development and use
The range of recycled tyre materials and the different types of products and applications that use them has increased more than ten fold in the past decade. The EU has funded over 50 projects – three of which currently involve ETRA and ETRA members.
Discussion : Applications and products entering the mainstream through mutual development – becoming involved.

11.15 The University Industry Network
Initiated in 2006, the network has begun to take form and is organising three activities for 2007. National funds will be sought to replicate successful studies with students who will become stagieres in the industry.

12:15 Recyclers’ Round Table : The Delegate’s forum
Recyclers’ concerns for the future are raised. Speakers and invited guests often join in. Issues raised during the panels are revisited.

14.00 ETRA General Assembly Meeting: A working lunch will be served
16.00 Close of the Conference

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