"Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers" is changing newsletter delivery services

Welcome to: “Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers”

“Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers” is changing newsletter delivery services

Welcome to “Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers”

To more reliably and efficiently reach our readers, “Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers” uses FeedBlitz to manage its email subscription services.

To ensure that your subscription is not mistaken for junk mail, please add our service’s email address FeedBlitz@mail.feedblitz.com to your safe list or address book now. You may also import our sender’s vcard into your email system

If you no longer want “Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers” email updates, you may safely unsubscribe now using the link at the end of this message. If you believe that you were not subscribing before, please write to abuse@feedblitz.com. FeedBlitz’s policies are online at www.feedblitz.com/tos.asp

Next Steps

Please contact us if you have any questions about these updates, your subscription to “Wastexchange.co.uk: Waste sellers – Waste buyers” or FeedBlitz’s services.

Thank You,

The wastexchange.co.uk team

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